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ARCS Members are experienced professionals committed to the highest levels of customer service, technical knowledge, and business management in the rug cleaning industry. Membership in ARCS gives you discounted or exclusive access to ARCS classes and content, as well as discounts from ARCS Associate Members.

ARCS offers 3 different membership options to fit your business:

  • If 95% of the work you do in area rug cleaning and/or restoration is done in your own facility, our ARCS Membership is for you.
  • If you are new to area rug cleaning and maybe do not fit these criteria, we offer a Journeyman Membership designed to help your company gain knowledge and confidence in rug care.
  • Finally, if you provide services, products, or equipment to rug care professionals, we offer an Associate Membership program. It allows your company to give back to the rug care community as well as expose your business to top professionals in the industry.

Find details about each membership option in the tabs below, and when you're ready, fill out the application to become a member.

ARCS Members

ARCS members are experienced professionals committed to the highest levels of customer service, technical knowledge and business management in the rug cleaning industry.

Membership in ARCS

Membership in ARCS is open to any firm which cleans, repairs, services, or otherwise maintains area rugs, as long as 95 percent of the work is done at the member's cleaning facilities and not subcontracted.

Consumer Confidence

ARCS membership drives consumer confidence. Consumers have a choice when choosing a firm to clean their area rugs. ARCS membership is key to building marketplace credibility and long-standing customer relationships. Consumers can be confident ARCS members are synonymous with professional excellence, customer service, and upholding the highest industry standards.

Educational Programs

ARCS educational program is designed specifically to create a competitive advantage for members by improving their knowledge and understanding of the care of hand-made and machine-made rugs and keeping them abreast of the latest technology.

Courses are taught by industry experts at the highest levels in the field, who not only teach rug cleaning, but make their living cleaning rugs. ARCS courses are complemented by plant tours, where members can experience the wide variety of cleaning techniques.

Networking Opportunities

ARCS networking opportunities are among the most valuable aspects of association membership. ARCS provides members the opportunity to improve their skills by tapping into the collective wisdom of the most knowledgeable experts in the rug cleaning industry. Networking opportunities occur at association meetings and classes, as well as through phone and email communication among members.

ARCS Newsletter

The ARCS Newsletter is another way to share information among ARCS members. The newsletter is published quarterly.

Membership Fee
The membership fee for the ARCS and Journeymen programs is $600/year.

Become a Member

The Association of Rug Care Specialists is pleased to offer a new level of membership, The Journeyman. This membership option is for the non-rug cleaning professional seeking to learn more about the rug cleaning industry. To be a standard ARCS member, 95% of all work must be done in-plant/shop. If you are not currently meeting this requirement but still want access to ARCS education, discounts and events, this is the membership option for you!

The Journeymen membership fee is $600/year and includes:

  • Discounts for all educational programs
  • Access to discounts provided by ARCS Associate Members
  • Early bird discounts, when offered
  • Networking opportunities

The Journeyman Membership excludes:

  • ARCS voting powers
  • Use of ARCS logo

We want to give you the opportunity to expand your rug cleaning knowledge and business opportunities.

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Current Journeyman Members

Rug cleaning equipment.

2343 Weathersfield Trace Cir Houston, TX 77014 United States.

Phone (832) 573-8115


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Associate memberships are available to:

  • Appraisers
  • Dealers
  • Consultants
  • Service providers
  • Equipment, accessory and chemical manufacturers
  • Others with a vested interest in rug care

An Associate Member has the same membership rights as regular members including access to the members-only content. As an Associate member the company is not a rug cleaning or repair professional, rather it is a company dedicated to supporting the mission of ARCS and provides products and services which help members succeed.

Associate members may take part in all ARCS events and benefits.

The Associate Member section includes:

  • A single page company showcase. This may include digital catalogs and product videos.
  • A listing of offers to ARCS members such as discount coupons for product and services.
  • Contact information, polls, surveys and similar communications. Customized Contact Us email form.
  • A forum topic specific to Associate Members

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