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Rug identification is an important skill on the wash floor and is invaluable when speaking to customers. The real benefit of this class - why it makes sense - is that you will devote five un-interrupted days to looking at rugs and talking about rugs. No co-workers to disturb you, shut your phone off and spend more time to this important topic than you will ever have available otherwise. It's not about the little badge you get - or being able to say you are a 12th generation rug washer - your clients couldn't care less about that stuff. What clients want are answers to their questions and they want them delivered in a clear and authoritative voice. It's how they decide they have come to the right place." - Robert Mann

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Events and classes

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In an effort to provide more benefits to our members, ARCS, in cooperation with our Associate Member companies, is in the process of setting up a program where ARCS members will receive discounts from our associate members on the goods and services they offer. Details are still being finalized, so look for more information in future newsletters or check the Members section of our website.