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The Forensics of Rug Moths

One of the biggest challenges in the rug world is the wool moth. Most rug owners have had some sort of interaction with moth, either with their own rugs or a family member’s. It’s an ongoing battle in the rug industry to come up with the most effective ways of fighting the moth. As most experienced warriors say...

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Spotting Guide For Rug Owners

Spots, if treated improperly, are more likely to become permanent stains.The best method to safely remove spots from your rug is to have it professionally cleaned by an ARCS member, who has special equipment and training in the proper method to clean your rugs. This is not always practical, this spotting guide will assist you in removing...

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Common Issues With Rugs


Mildew is a destructive fungus that feeds on organic materials.   Mildew is considered a type of mold, and while it is often thought of as a single organism, there are many types of mildew that grow on a variety of surfaces, from wood to paper and wool and cotton which most area rugs are made of.  While mildew is associated with....

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Nap Reversal

One aspect of pile rugs that often gets overlooked but has a big impact on their appearance is the direction of the nap. When you run your hand back and forth across the surface of a rug you’ll notice that in one direction the rug feels smooth, while in the other direction it feels rough. This is because the pile of a rug doesn’t stand...

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Silk has been used in the textile industry for centuries.  It was a mark of wealth and status to own objects made from such a lustrous and delicate fiber.  The extra fine quality of silk fibers allow weavers to use incredibly small knots. The finest examples can have hundreds, or even thousands, of knots per square inch, allowing one to...

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Tufted Rugs

One of the more popular types of new rugs sold today are tufted rugs.  Tufted rugs can be made by a machine in a factory or by a person using a hand held tufting gun.  When a tufted rug is made, the face yarns are poked through but not wrapped around a primary backing. After that a layer of latex is spread across the back of the rug to...

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Sometimes, light colored rugs can appear to yellow over time. This can happen to carpets, rugs, drapes and other textiles. This yellowing usually happens gradually, and often is not particularly noticeable until after a rug is cleaned. This can lead a customer to naturally assume that the cleaning was the cause. There are a...

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White Knots

“White Knots” is a term used in the rug trade to describe a condition inherent in hand knotted rugs, where light colored spots appear over time, seemingly at random, in the body of the rug pile.  These spots are knots in the rug’s foundation that have worked their way through the rug pile and are showing through the pile yarns...

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