2022/06 - Discover Rug Cleaning (Portland, OR)

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Date: June 18, 2022
Location: Renaissance Rug Cleaning, Portland, OR
IICRC Continuing Education: 7 credit hours
Pricing: Member Price: $250; Non-member Price: $250

All skill levels welcome! Come spend the day learning how rugs can be washed. The class is entirely hands-on and we’ll explore techniques from the most basic procedures to some advanced spotting and color run removal. ARCS one-day wash class covers all aspects of cleaning rugs. Various sizes, fiber contents, concerns, and cleaning processes are demonstrated at Randy Hyde’s wash facility in Portland, OR. This hands-on cleaning course is intended to facilitate learning by doing. Cleaning techniques are demonstrated for those just starting out as well as those who have some automated equipment. The goal for both veteran and new rug washers is to increase your knowledge and expertise in the art of cleaning rugs. No prior knowledge of rug cleaning is necessary.

We anticipate this class being a heavy hands-on cleaning course and they should come prepared to wash on the wash floor. You should bring attire appropriate to get wet and should bring your own Wash boots to the class.

No prior knowledge of rug cleaning is necessary.

Randy Hyde; Owner of Renaissance Rug Cleaning, Inc. established in 1999 in Portland, Oregon. He started in the rug business with Atiyeh Brothers in the late 1980s. In 1996 Randy accepted a job with rug dealer, author, and tribal rug expert James Opie in part to manage the wash plant but also to sell rugs. Randy purchased the cleaning end of the business in 1999 and changed the name to “Renaissance Rug Cleaning”. Today Renaissance provides cleaning and service to most of Portland’s dealers and collectors. From 2015-16 Randy served on the ARCS board of directors and as ARCS President from 2016- to April 2018.

Renaissance Rug Cleaning Inc