2020/03 - Practical Dye Removal for the Rug Washer

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Date: March 6-7, 2020
Location: Oriental Rug Cleaning of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN
IICRC Continuing Education: 14 credit hours
*Prerequisite Required: ARCS Intermediate In-Plant Rug Cleaning or instructor approved industry equivalent course

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Ben Knause and Randy Hyde lead a two day intensive, hands-on dye correction class introduces chemicals and techniques used to remove dye run and dye stains commonly used in wash plants around the world. Participants get ample time to experience wash floor stripping, spot dye removal, and fringe color correction with reducing agents and oxidizers. As a bonus, attendees leave with a general formulation guide to the products used during the event and a list of various suppliers.

Ben Knause and Randy Hyde

Oriental Rug Cleaning of Indianapolis

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ARCS’s “Practical Dye Removal for the Rug Washer” course is a good primer on a complex subject. Ben did a great job explaining the principals and practical application of the most commonly encountered bleaches used in our industry. Those applications were then demonstrated at work in multiple real-world scenarios, not just “ideal” situations. Balancing risk versus reward, Mr. Knause walked students through an experienced professional’s thought process and approach to each problem. Participants were then given ample opportunity to practice with each product under the watch of an experienced cleaner, allowing them to get a better handle on the use of each type of product. This class will shorten the learning curve of anyone getting into color correction and is a must-attend course for any experienced cleaner who wants to know more about the subject.
Armen Dohanian - Oriental Rug Cleaning Co.