2018/02 - Intermediate In-Plant Rug Cleaning (Indianapolis, IN)

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Date: February 2018
Location: Indianapolis, IN

The Tools of Rug Identification – Grouped in a linear and methodical progression, students learn how to read a rug’s construction to identify its origins. Material progresses from easily discernible traits to more nuanced variations using the most commonly encountered area rugs as teaching material. Students come away knowing the covered material as well as how to advance their skills outside of class.

Survey of hand­-tufted, machine­-made and specialty rugs

Hand­-knotted Rugs – a brief history, nomenclature and introduction to structure, the tools of rug ID

  • Persian rugs

  • Copies of Persian rugs

  • Designer rugs

  • Flat-weaves

Overview of Cleaning Process

  • Review of the steps in a “best practice” rug cleaning as outlined in ARCS’ Industry Guide & Recommended Practice for Rug Cleaning

Rug Intake

  • Pre­-inspection and documentation, inventory control & pre­wash stabilization 

About Rugs & Fibers

  • A review of the most commonly encountered rug fibers and construction techniques and what their implications are for the cleaning process.                                                      

About Soils & Cleaning

  • Review of the types of soils found in rugs  What are they? How do they accumulate?

Rug Washing

  • Getting our hands dirty cleaning the host plants inventory.   Topics will include:

    • How to generate a cleaning plan

    • How all the host’s “toys” work and how to scale the operation up and down to meet the demands of each student

    • What to do if a rug starts to go south

Drying Theory

  • Discussion of drying theory and its effects on the cleaning process.


  • Evaluating results and discussing the next steps.  Discussion, how clean is clean enough?  weighing risks vs rewards.

Finishing Processes

  • A survey of the non­-wash processes that go into a rug cleaning

    • Grooming

    • Fringe Correction

    • Post­-wash treatments

    • Cosmetic Touchups

  • Checkout procedures

    • Recording and reporting results

Spotting techniques

  • A discussion of the techniques for removing common spots such as rust, paint, wax, etc.

Discoloration Remediation

  • How the products work and how they differ from spotters.

  • Risks and how to manage them

  • Discussion and demonstrations of common applications and techniques

    • Urine Stain removal

    • Floor Stripping of Dye

    • Dry stripping of Dye

Review Test - Don’t worry, it isn’t graded

Armen Dohanian: is a fourth generation rug cleaner. His family owns a 100 + year old rug cleaning and restoration business in Boston, Massachusetts. Involved in rug cleaning from an early age, Armen is currently vice­-president of operations at the Oriental Rug Cleaning Company in Dallas, TX, a 103 year old, “full­-service” rug cleaning and restoration company. Mr. Dohanian is an ARCS Certified Rug Specialist (CRS), a certified Master Rug Cleaner and a Woolsafe North America "Fiber Care Specialist" as well as a member of the International Society of Appraisers.

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