2022/03 - Practical Dye Removal for the Rug Washer (Watkinsville, GA)
2022/03 - Practical Dye Removal for the Rug Washer (Watkinsville, GA)
2022/03 - Practical Dye Removal for the Rug Washer (Watkinsville, GA)
2022/03 - Practical Dye Removal for the Rug Washer (Watkinsville, GA)
2022/03 - Practical Dye Removal for the Rug Washer (Watkinsville, GA)
2022/03 - Practical Dye Removal for the Rug Washer (Watkinsville, GA)

2022/03 - Practical Dye Removal for the Rug Washer (Watkinsville, GA)

Regular price $900.00

Date: March 26, 2022
Location: Certified Clean Care, Watkinsville, GA
IICRC Continuing Education: 14 credit hours
*Prerequisite Required: ARCS Intermediate In-Plant Rug Cleaning or instructor approved industry equivalent course

All skill levels are welcome!

Come spend the day with Robert Mann learning how rugs can be washed. This class is designed to be hands-on, working together, learning together, discussing each step as we go. We’ll explore techniques from the most basic procedures to some advanced spotting and color run removal. ARCS one-day wash class covers all aspects of cleaning rugs. Various sizes, fiber contents, concerns, and cleaning processes are demonstrated at Certified’s newly updated wash facility.

See how plant manager Aaron Glazier, Master Rug Cleaner, re-designed their existing wash plant to expand and accommodate a rinser/wringer, centrifuge, washtub, tumble duster, and dry room. This hands-on cleaning course is intended to facilitate learning by doing. Cleaning techniques are demonstrated for those just starting out as well as those who have some automated equipment. The goal for both veteran and new rug washers is to increase your knowledge and expertise in the art of cleaning rugs.

No prior knowledge of rug cleaning is necessary.

Member Price: $900; Non­member Price: $1750

For safety and accordance with the CDC health guidelines, a mask will be required and social distancing will be practiced for all live events.

If you have any questions, please contact info@rugcarespecialists.org.

Robert Mann: Robert owns and operates Robert Mann Rugs Inc. in Denver, Colorado. Established in 1978, RMR Inc. provides cleaning and repair services to retail and wholesale clients throughout the United States, as well as outsourced restorations services provided by its sister company, ATC, in Izmir, Turkey. Robert spent over 25 years working as a technical consultant in modern rug productions in nearly all the major rug-producing countries.

Intake, Log-in, Assessment: Going over a rug when it comes in is the first step in making a cleaning plan. We’ll check for condition problems that may complicate cleaning, assess soiling and stains, test colors for stability if necessary, measure, tag, photograph, and document all we see. Learn to create a plan for cleaning each individual rug we take in.

Pre-Wash Treatment: There’s a lot to do before you get a rug wet. Stains or soiled areas may need to be pre-treated. Dry soil and pet hair removed. Torn corners or other small damages sewn or protected so they don’t get worse in the cleaning process. Learning to recognize potential problems before they ‘happen’. Grouping rugs for efficient processing in the wet cleaning phase.

Washing, or ‘Wet Cleaning’: Accepted as the most effective method for cleaning handmade rugs this is a skilled and labor-intensive process. We will wash the rugs. At our disposal is a large wash floor, wringer, centrifuge, power washer, and wash tub. Problems will come up – stains, color run, dirty fringes. We will solve those problems and more.

Finishing: Is a washed rug ready to deliver once it is dry? No way. Finishing and ‘detailing’ are essential skills. How do we determine if a rug is clean enough? What can we do to make a rug look its best? Steaming pile, trimming fringes, removing stains that didn’t come out in cleaning, removing urine stains, ‘touching up’ minor color runs, there is a lot to do, and practice is how we learn. Make a rug looks its best. Your customers will thank you.

Follow Up and Conclusions: A review of what we have learned and discussion of how to move forward from whatever level we begin at.
What does it take to set up a wash plant?
How do drying rooms work?
What are the essential pieces of equipment, and can you wash rugs without them?
What about chemicals and supplies?

Members can make own hotel reservations.

ARCS’s “Practical Dye Removal for the Rug Washer” course is a good primer on a complex subject. Ben did a great job explaining the principals and practical application of the most commonly encountered bleaches used in our industry. Those applications were then demonstrated at work in multiple real-world scenarios, not just “ideal” situations. Balancing risk versus reward, Mr. Knause walked students through an experienced professional’s thought process and approach to each problem. Participants were then given ample opportunity to practice with each product under the watch of an experienced cleaner, allowing them to get a better handle on the use of each type of product. This class will shorten the learning curve of anyone getting into color correction and is a must-attend course for any experienced cleaner who wants to know more about the subject.
Armen Dohanian - Oriental Rug Cleaning Co.

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