March Newsletter 2018


Each quarter, we highlight new members in the Newsletter. We spoke with the owners of Megerian Rug Cleaners, Raffi & Thomas Megerian and here is what they had to say: 

The Megerian Family originally migrated to New York in 1917 after escaping the atrocities of the Armenian Genocide. In 1917, the Megerian brothers opened the first Megerian retail store in Manhasset, New York. Their business included the buying and selling of rugs, carpets and antique rugs, as well as the cleaning, repair and restoration of rugs and carpets.  In the 1970's the third generation of the Megerian family expanded the business into manufacturing and producing hand-woven rugs and carpets worldwide. Megerian currently has showrooms in New York City, Zurich, Yerevan, Egypt and Italy.

Their facilities in Armenia include the renowned Megerian Museum, Megerian Restaurant and 22 weaving facilities throughout the country. Numerous dignitaries and personalities including Pope Francis,  Conan O'Brien (both pictured below), Charles Aznavour, Kim Kardashian and other notable individuals have visited Megerian's facilities. Megerian is also well known in the cleaning and repair business in Armenia. Megerian works with hundreds of exclusive dealers around the world who carry Megerian's signature hand woven rug collections.   In the early 1990's the family further expended the rug cleaning and restoration division of their NYC based business. Megerian currently owns one of the largest cleaning facilities in the New York Metro Area, located in prestigious Williamsburg, Brooklyn. One of the most unique aspects of the family business is that many of the trade secrets, cleaning techniques and repair methods were passed down through the generations and remain a family secret and legacy.

The family business has now entered its fourth generation and the company continues to grow as a result of the family's extensive experience, work ethic and due to the fresh ideas and energy instilled by the new generation. Megerian also has very knowledgeable and diligent employees who further add to the uniqueness and the success of the long-standing business.

Megerian Rug Cleaners serves the entire tri-state area, including numerous rug/carpet dealers, designers and cleaning agencies around the United States. Megerian prides itself on its high quality of workmanship in ensuring that every rug/carpet is given the utmost care. Specifically, each rug cleaned and/or repaired is reviewed by a Megerian family member before being delivered to its clients, to ensure first class results. Megerian feels that the most important part of running a successful rug cleaning and repair business is to maintain an honest reputation, while striving to ensure that clients receive the best final product at the most cost-effective prices. Thank you so much for your time and consideration, we are proud to be members of ARCS and look forward to opportunities to contribute in any way we can. 

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