December Newsletter 2015


Rug History with Brian Benzel
Serafian's Oriental Rugs
1421 Wyoming Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

Hosteen Klah is a fascinating figure from Navajo history that few know about. I chose him as my subject, because the little I did know made me curious. With my location in the Southwest and a relatively unique access to Navajo rugs and culture, I felt that I could research a topic that few others would even consider with the rarity of Native weaving outside the Four Corners area. Hosteen Klah's life began a short time after the United States secured control of the Southwestern territories, but his life was irrevocably affected by the tumultuous Navajo lifestyle clashing with the American Manifest Destiny. This was a chance to delve into not only Navajo history and weaving, but also a portion of the United States' history that rarely gets much merit. Klah's love of learning and cultural preservation, combined with his initiative to challenge artistic norms, made him one of the most unique and interesting characters in recorded Navajo history.