ARCS's Third Quarter Newsletter 2018

Greetings Everyone!

ARCS, The Association of Rug Care Specialists, is offering all Experience participants a chance to learn from some of the most experienced and skilled rug washers in the country.
Come spend the day with fellow rug washers and restorers. Talk shop, maybe take a class. All are welcome. Limited spaces are available for the individual classes being offered. Be sure to  sign up  early to guarantee your spot.

ARCS's Introduction to Rug Care course is designed to increase student's knowledge at a fraction of the cost of other formal education programs.

Geared towards employees and those new to the industry, the  Introduction to Rug Care course gives students the information they need to make informed cleaning decisions and speak confidently with customers about the cleaning process.

The  Rug cleaning Event  you can't afford to Miss. A once in a lifetime Rug Cleaning Opportunity. Join US, The Association of Rug Cleaning Specialists (ARCS), Robert Mann, Tom Monahan and hundreds of rug cleaners from around the world to break in the greatest rug washing facility that has ever been built. 

A week long extravaganza for rug washers beginning with:

Each quarter, we highlight new members in the Newsletter. We spoke with the owner of  Tinney Rug Cleaners , Preston Van Gorder and here is what he had to say:
Tinney Rug Cleaner's history started back in 1920, when a family started a rug cleaning company in St. Petersburg, FL. Shortly thereafter the family struck oil on their property in PA. At that time, Tinney bought the company and after WW II, one of his sons-in-law came into the business to work with him. 
Sr. Tinney retired and sold the business to his son-in-law, Jerry Egan. In 1960 Egan bought 4 lots and built a rug plant at the current location. Egan died in 1975 and in his will he left the Tinney Rug Cleaners to a 25-year employee at the plant named Robert Bachin. In 1985 Preston Van Gorder, the current owner bought the rug plant from Mr. Bachin.

Preston started his first on-location steam carpet cleaning company in 1971 as a price merchandiser. In 1975 he opened an insurance restoration company for insurance companies. Then in 1985, he bought Tinney Rug Cleaners as mentioned above. In 2000, he sold the restoration company and concentrated on Tinney Rug Cleaners in St. Petersburg, FL.

Tinney Rug Cleaning
In 2017 Preston bought a 16 foot fully refurbished 70's Mor Rug Washing Machine and replaced the original rug washer machine.

Tinney's reputation for quality work and premiere service has carried the business into the 21st century, as well as 98 years of stellar reputation. They also offer Binding and Surging of area rugs and repair of handmade rugs. "We always strive to give our customers the best quality service." Preston is approaching 70 years old and would like to sell the company to an eager buyer. 
The intention of this feature is to help members get to know new members, their family and their business better. To have your business highlighted in the next available newsletter, please email your inquiry to:  and .

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