ARCS's Second Quarter Newsletter 2021

Greetings from ARCS Board of Directors!

Spring brought about the return of in-person classes and the launch of a new and exciting product, the ARCS Repair Kit. Continue reading this newsletter for recaps of the classes, highlights from the Repair Kit, our upcoming State of the Union, along with the return of The Experience in Las Vegas.

Repair Kit

Repair Kit

The ARCS Repair Kit has launched and is available for purchase! As you know, rug repair is a great add-on service and revenue builder. In addition, offering rug repairs gives your cleaning business increased credibility. However, learning repairs is a daunting task, where do you begin? Where do you learn repairs? What repairs should you offer? How much do you charge for the repairs?

We have the answer to all of these questions in our one-of-a-kind rug repair training kits!

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The Experience

We are excited for the return of The Experience in Las Vegas! ARCS will have a booth and we will be giving two presentations. The first is a lively panel discussion with Robert Mann, Meg Walker and Jennifer Colaco about the benefits of Wholesale Programs. Kash Sobhe and Lisa Wagner will be teaming up for the second presentation walking us through pre-inspection, client communication and cleaning steps with Viscose. Be sure to stop by the booth and say hi! Viva Las Vegas!

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The Return of In-Person Classes

In-Person Class

Postponing all in-person events and classes was a tough, but necessary decision last year. This spring we dipped our proverbial toes back in the water with smaller class sizes and increased safety protocols. Ben Knause of Carr’s Rug Cleaning led the Dye Strip Class with the help of host plant Oriental Rug Cleaning of Indianapolis and Jordan King. The attendees received a lot of great instruction on dye strip options and had a ton of hands-on practice.

Armen Dohanian III of Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. taught the Intermediate Wash Class in Dallas, TX. Attendees received equal amounts of classroom and wash floor instruction, focusing on the chemistry behind rug cleaning and the practical applications on the wash floor.

We appreciate all the effort the instructors and host plants put into these classes to make them a success!

Rug Wash Class

Love & Unison by Meg Walker

Love & Unison is an ancient symbol originating in the Far East, often referred to as Ying & Yang. This motif represents day and night and denotes the love and harmony that lies between men and women there, as well as fertility and reproduction.

The motif is composed of two opposing colors or contrasting colors, each having a dot in the color of the other. This contrast symbolizes the idea that nothing in nature is completely pure, perfect or free of error.

Love and Unison

Rug Pattern

Runner Rug

State of the Union Address

The postponement of our annual convention doesn’t mean that you can’t have an update on what we’ve been up to! Join us live online Thursday, July 22nd at 5 PM CST for an overview on our financials, to meet the new board members, take a look at what we did during the pandemic and what we are working on for the remainder of 2021 and 2022.

Updated Member Information

Calling all ARCS members! Please be sure to take a minute to go to the ARCS website Find A Specialist page and check your company listing. If you need to update your company information, please email us at with the necessary updates.

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