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June Newsletter 2018

2018 Seattle Convention Re-Cap
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March Newsletter 2018

ARCS 2018 Annual Convention
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December Newsletter 2017

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June Newsletter 2017

Recap of Annual Meeting
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March Newsletter 2017

The ARCS Annual Convention is April 18-21, 2017 in San Antonio, TX.
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December Newsletter 2016

Checking It Twice: Using Cameras Within Your Business By Scott Ring
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September Newsletter 2016

ARCS Annual Skills Day (in conjunction with the ICE Expo) is just around the corner! Plan to join us the day before the ICE expo at our Annual Skills Day - Free for ARCS members! These classes are hands on and designed to send you home with a valuable skills you can offer your customers. Topics include Re-fringe and Velcro hanging systems and Sewing ends and Sides plus demonstrations and opportunities to learn new skills.
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March Newsletter 2016

Plan to join us in Philly and "The Big Apple" for the 2016 ARCS Annual Convention. This is a tremendous opportunity to immerse yourself in tradition and history. Traditional rugs may be going out of style, but expertise in old rugs still sets you apart from the crowd and can help earn your client's respect.
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December Newsletter 2015

We are excited to announce the new Arcs Website and Facebook Page!  You will find it the site broken down into two main sections. The first is for the public and the second for members. Every page of the public portion of the site has a "Become a Member" and member "Log In" tab at the top.

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September Newsletter 2015

The ARCS EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM is presented by the most experienced in-plant rug cleaners in the industry! The goal of this program is two fold; to share the skills and experience of the ARCS membership and to explore new developments in a changing field.
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June Newsletter 2015

The ARCS technical committee exists to collect technical information and disseminate this information to ARCS members and consumers. The committee held it's first meeting at the annual meeting in New Orleans and has continued to hold discussions about how to implement it's mission statement.
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March Newsletter 2015

Next week is the ARCS Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA. We hope that many of you can attend and, if you can't, you can be certain that we will be hard at work in "The Big Easy" to help continue the progress we have made in the last year at building our organization. We've had a great year, so we might even celebrate our success a little bit. We are looking forward all the hospitality the south has to offer, especially with our generous hosts, Enrique's Cleaning, Russell's Cleaning Service and NOLA Rugs.
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