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2nd Quarter Newsletter

ARCS Annual Convention was held this past April in Seattle, WA. From the beautiful scenery, numerous tourist destinations, delicious food and time spent catching up with old friends, we somehow managed to squeeze in some great educational opportunities and rug talk! We introduced a new class of CRS Graduates: Andrija Malbasa of Robert Mann, Brennan Boggs of Atiyeh Bros., Jennifer Colaco of Oriental Rug Cleaning Co., Jordan King of Oriental Rug Cleaning of Indianapolis, Robert Pettyjohn of PettyJohn's Cleaning & Restoration, congratulations to everyone on this great achievement & new designation! 

We can't thank Emmanuel's & DA Burns for the fabulous tours & hospitality! It takes a lot of courage to open up your doors and let a bunch of rug cleaners loose! This happens to be one of my favorite things about being a part of ARCS. Since 2010 the Annual Convention has traveled the country to a variety of different rug plants, big and small. Our industry is unique, as are the problems we see day to day, from rug tags to rug dusters to customer service for rug owners, there is always an opportunity to learn something new at each rug plant. We hope to see everyone in 2019! -Meg 

Each quarter, we highlight new members in the Newsletter. We spoke with the owners of The SpecialistsJocelyn and James McNeil and here is what they had to say:

Jocelyn and James McNeil have been in business for 15 years. They  have a 2 year old and 10 month old. "We both are busy parents! Joycelyn and I met in college in 2003. On our first date we talked about the reasons we were attending and found a mutual desire to start a cleaning company. We hit it off right away and within a few weeks, The Specialists was created with our business license and first client! We have built upon that first job as carpet cleaners every day since."

"Over ten years later, we are still the owners of The Specialists, one of the only natural cleaning companies in the greater Sacramento area. The Specialists All Natural Carpet Cleaning Services use the method recommended by carpet manufacturers. Additionally, our green cleaning ideals and natural carpet cleaners set us apart. Customers rave about our care and attention to detail, which makes us the trusted source of cleaning in Greater Sacramento."

"We continue our education and travel to learn about the latest technologies, new techniques and processes to benefit your home and business with the best carpet and upholstery cleaning. We do not sub-contract our work and are in constant contact with our office staff to handle each of your needs as they arise. We both truly care about establishing a relationship with you and meeting all your cleaning needs", James concludes.
We'd like to thank James for jumping all into his ARCS Membership! Not only did he attend the Intermediate Course in Indianapolis this past February, he also made it out to the Annual Conference in Seattle! We have really enjoyed getting to know more about James and his business!

The intention of this feature is to help members get to know new members, their family and their business better. To have your business highlighted in the next available newsletter, please email your inquiry to: and

- Upcoming Events - 


Dates: June 19th and 21st, 2018 from 3 - 5 pm EST

Location: Online 

ARCS's Front Office course is designed to increase student's knowledge at a fraction of the cost of other formal education programs. Jennifer Colaco has spent the majority of her professional career interfacing with customers and focusing on delivering excellent customer service. She teaches an online class through ARCS, "Effective Communication for Rug Cleaners", to help take your staff to the next level. Her goal is to create repeat customers who refer your company as the best. 

IICRC Continuing Education: 4 credit hours

Date: September 18, 20, 25, & 27, 2018 from 3 - 4:20pm EST

Location: Online

ARCS's  Introduction to Rug Care course is designed to increase student's knowledge at a fraction of the cost of other formal education programs. Geared towards employees and those new to the industry, the Introduction to Rug Care course gives students the information they need to make informed cleaning decisions and speak confidently with customers about the cleaning process. 

IICRC Continuing Education: 6 credit hours.

ARCS Intermediate Wash Class 

Date:   October 15-16, 2018

Location:   Denver, CO

This two-day class covering the full wash process, from check-in procedures to delivery. This class takes you beyond the basics and covers various cleaning, spotting, and drying methods. Students will learn to deal with problem rugs, odors, and the prudent use of chemicals. This is a mix of classroom time and hands-on in a working rug plant with a variety of equipment. Lunch will be included.  Read more...

Member Price: $700; Non­member Price: $1150. 


Date:   October 17-18, 2018

Location:  Robert Mann's brand new built-out facility in  Denver, CO

Centrum Force Rug Summits have become one of the favorite events of rug cleaning pros, both large and small. Why? Because, from their inception,they've been both highly informative yet informal and relaxed. Read more...

Early Bird Registration  - $550 per person; After May 15th - $585 per person. 

ARCS Annual Skills Day

Date:   October 19, 2018

Location:   Denver, CO

ARCS is reprising its skills day event with a day full of useful demo's and hands-on workshops. Food & drink is provided. Strip washing, Blocking rugs, Rug repair, Rug dusting methods, Checking in rugs, Inventory control of rugs, Proper storage methods. Plus much more. Read more...

Member Price: FREE; Non-member Price: $50.



Date:   October 20, 2018

Location:   Denver, CO

Saturday we hit the wash floor so bring your wash boots! This is a day of hands-on, hang time on a high volume wash floor where you will put intopractice the skills you've learned over the week. You will use various pieces of equipment and work the practical applications of a Moore washer, washtub, centrifuge, rinse wringer, and other equipment, in addition to the use of various chemicals on the wash floor. Bring your wash boots; you will need them! A BBQ lunch and refreshments will be provided. No Charge! Read more...

Price: No Charge!

Date:   Spring 2019

Location:   Dallas, TX. Class and test will be given at Oriental Rug Cleaning Co.

The CRS class is for students with a good foundation of experience in cleaning and rug identification, the ability to readily identify commonly encountered rugs and looking for a program to take their skills to the next level. Participants must be ARCS members in good standing. No specific prerequisites are required, but all applicants for the class are encouraged to speak with the head of the Educational Committee, Robert Mann or Ellen Amirkhan, for final approval.  Read more...



The Board of Directors are in the process of updating our website.   During this process, some errors with members company information have been discovered and corrected.  We ask each company to please check their company information on the ARCS website to verify that it is correct.  If anyone does find a mistake, we ask that they please contact Jennifer Colaco at .

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