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December 2015 Newsletter

New Website & Facebook Page

We are excited to announce the new Arcs Website and Facebook Page!
You will find it the site broken down into two main sections. The first is for the public and the second for members.

Every page of the public portion of the site has a "Become a Member" and member "Log In" tab at the top. If you do not have a username and password, please contact Anne Marie Thompson.

Phone: 503.589.4362.

Within the "Members Only Area" you will have "Members Forum" which links to our members only Facebook Page (if you need an invitation, please contact Anne Marie), "Pay Dues", and "Library", which for now has a spotting guide and some informative consumer fliers.

We ask that you browse through the site and give us feedback on what you think might make it better.

Save The Date

ARCS 2016 Annual Convention
April 27, 28, 29- 2016~Philadelphia & NYC
Old Rug Expertise.... and Old Rug Experts

Plan to join us in Philly and "The Big Apple" for the 2016 ARCS Annual Convention. This is a tremendous opportunity to immerse your self in tradition and history. Traditional rugs may be going out of style, but expertise in old rugs still sets you apart from the crowd and can help earn your client's respect.

What's your "take-away"? This is a great time to improve your rug identification and appraisal skills and actually see and handle a lot of old rugs. You will become the expert in your town.

Highlights: Material Culture Auction House, Glencairn & Philadelphia Art Museums; The Metropolitan Museum, NYC, and a tour at Rug Renovating. That's just for starters. Stay tuned for more details.

CRS Graduating Class

ARCS is proud to welcome a new group of graduates of the CRS program. These dedicated professionals attended a week long course taught by Ellen Amirkhan at her Oriental Rug Cleaning plant in Dallas, passed an extensive written test covering cleaning chemistry and rug id and construction, and submitted a research paper. The following people have earned the title of CRS:

Kevin Atiyeh - Atiyeh Bros.
Brian Benzel - Serafian's
Matthew Dohanian - Bon Ton Rugs
Dewayne Ferguson - Oriental Rug Cleaning Co
Robert Mann - Robert Mann Oriental Rugs
Ruth Travis - Chase Carpet Care

Their achievement also represents a proud moment for ARCS. It is the first group to finish the CRS program since ARCS was founded and as such they also represent the hard work and support from the membership and especially all previous board members. To celebrate ARCS will host a reception at the annual meeting in Philadelphia this spring.

Intermediate In-Plant Rug Cleaning

January 27th and 28th 2016!

A big thank you to Deep Eddy Rug & Carpet Cleaners in Austin Texas for hosting the 2016 Intermediate In-Plant Rug Cleaning!

Two intensive eight-hour days taught primarily on the work floor of an operational wash plant. Topics covered will be cleaning chemistry, spotting, rug identification, learning to 'read' and identify rug construction, rug intake assessment, rug washing, drying theory, and finishing after wash. Hands-on portions of the class will demonstrate the practical application of all that theory on an active wash floor in real time. The hands on training will focus on wet cleaning; students will wash a lot of rugs and have the opportunity to try a range of techniques and observe the results. More than just an opportunity to work and learn on a high production wash floor, students will gain a broader understanding of the cleaning process and how it applies to their own businesses.

Don't lose out on this opportunity! Sign up now at!

Register Now For ARCS's Introduction to Rug Care

ARCS's Introduction to Rug Care course is designed to increase student's knowledge at a fraction of the cost of other formal education programs. Geared towards employees and those new to the industry, the Introduction to Rug Care course gives students the information they need to make informed cleaning decisions and speak confidently with customers about the cleaning process.

Not simply an online textbook, this is a virtual class in every sense of the word. A live teacher guides a small group of students through the curriculum, answering student's questions as they arise. Divided into four sessions lasting 80 minutes each, the cleaning process, rug fibers, basic cleaning chemistry and basic rug ID are all presented in ways that everyone can understand. A review test is sent following each session which students may use to evaluate their understanding of the material presented.


Rug History with Brian Benzel

Rug History with Brian Benzel
Serafian's Oriental Rugs
1421 Wyoming Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

Hosteen Klah is a fascinating figure from Navajo history that few know about. I chose him as my subject, because the little I did know made me curious. With my location in the Southwest and a relatively unique access to Navajo rugs and culture, I felt that I could research a topic that few others would even consider with the rarity of Native weaving outside the Four Corners area. Hosteen Klah's life began a short time after the United States secured control of the Southwestern territories, but his life was irrevocably affected by the tumultuous Navajo lifestyle clashing with the American Manifest Destiny. This was a chance to delve into not only Navajo history and weaving, but also a portion of the United States' history that rarely gets much merit. Klah's love of learning and cultural preservation, combined with his initiative to challenge artistic norms, made him one of the most unique and interesting characters in recorded Navajo history.

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