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4th Quarter Newsletter


When a customer walks into your shop with rugs that need blocking or stretching, it is good to have someone on your staff with the knowledge and the skills to explain the process and manage a customer's expectations. Trust is earned with expanded expertise, while additional income can be realized correcting flaws inherent in a rug or issues that arise in cleaning.

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Blocking and Stretching by Andrija Malbasa


The most common methods for preserving oriental rugs, their value, and appearance are outlined below: 

Conservation is a method that generally involves stabilizing a fabric to prevent further deterioration. It is consistent with the concept of "first, do no harm." This method does not necessarily enhance the appearance of a rug. It is intended to support and preserve the structure of the fabric. Scholars and collectors favor this approach for preserving important cultural properties and rare rugs.

Restoration spares no expense, using materials and methods that are consistent with the original construction of the rug. If executed properly, restoration is evident, on close inspection, only to an expert. Restoration usually returns a substantial measure of value to a rug that has been worn or damaged. It is the approach used by those requiring rugs in excellent condition. The best antique rug dealers employ restoration to maintain inventories of fine rugs.

Repair employs techniques to improve both appearance and longevity. Repair often includes techniques and materials that may be inconsistent with the original construction of the rug and are usually evident upon close inspection. Repair may add to the longevity of a rug and is less costly than restoration. The overall quality of a repair determines whether it returns any value to a rug. Improperly executed repairs may inhibit future attempts at proper restoration.

Concealment is any of a number of techniques used to improve the appearance of a rug without addressing underlying structural problems. These techniques are employed to conceal wear, damage or inferior repairs. Inks, glues, and paints are often used in these procedures intended to "fool the eye." These procedures may damage the prospect for future restoration.

Concealment, when performed with the knowledge and approval of the owner, may be appropriate for improving the appearance of a worn out family treasure. However, techniques used to conceal damage, wear, or poor repairs, if not fully disclosed to all parties during a sale, do considerable violence to the prospect of a fair sale.

Allen R. Kosub
Accredited Senior Appraiser
American Society of Appraisers
Designated Specialty: Oriental Rugs

2018 Classes and Events

Rug Summit 11 hosted by Centrum Force

Date: January 18 - 19, 2018
Location: Grand Hyatt Kaua`i Resort & Spa Koloa, HI 

This is what you've been waiting for. A Rug Summit in paradise! Like all the others, it's all about planning for your business's success. About networking and solution sharing with colleagues, friends and industry experts. Except this coming January, Rug Summit 11 will be held in a spectacular setting unlike any previous event. Registration is $175 per attendee. Due to the reduced cost offered for registration, lunch and beverages will be at the attendee's personal discretion each day. (Accommodations, Meals and Beverages are NOT included in registration).

Intermediate In-Plant Rug Cleaning

Date: February 22-24, 2018
Location: Oriental Rug Cleaning of Indianapolis, IN 

The class consists of three intensive eight -hour days taught primarily on the work floor of an operational wash plant. Topics covered will be basic rug identification, cleaning chemistry, spotting, rug identification, learning to 'read' and identify rug construction, rug intake assessment, rug washing, drying theory, and finishing after wash. Hands -on portions of the class will demonstrate the practical application of all that theory on an active wash floor in real time. The hands -on training will focus on wet cleaning; students will wash a lot of rugs and have the opportunity to try a range of techniques and observe the results. More than just an opportunity to work and learn on a high production wash floor, students will gain a broader understanding of the cleaning process and how it applies to their own businesses. Fee for the class includes lunch for the three days, handouts, and all teaching materials. A short test will be given at the end of the class session. You will need to bring wash boots.

Member Price: $900; Non member Price: $1450.
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ARCS 2018 Annual Convention / Seattle, WA


Date: April 18 - 20, 2018 (Saturday, April 21th Optional Day)
Location: Seattle, WA It almost time! 

Plan to join us in Seattle for the 2018 ARCS Annual Convention. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and network with others in the industry! We hope you're able to join us next year in Seattle for the ARCS 2018 Conference. 

Event Highlights: Tour at DA Burns and Emmanuel Rug Cleaning. That's just for starters.

Visit our website to read all about the convention and register today!

CRS (Certified Rug Specialists) Class and Test

Date: To Be Announced
Location: Dallas, TX. Class and test will be given at Oriental Rug Cleaning Co.

The CRS class is for students with a good foundation of experience in cleaning and rug identification, the ability to readily identify commonly encountered rugs and looking for a program to take their skills to the next level. Participants must be ARCS members in good standing. No specific prerequisites are required, but all applicants for the class are encouraged to speak with the head of the Educational Committee, Robert Mann, or the class instructor, Ellen Amirkhan, for final approval. Read more...

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