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Wunder Grip, Inc.

Contact:Michael Dunphy

200 Racoosin Dr., Suite 104
ASton, PA 19014
United States

Phone: 610-459-8700

Fax: 610-459-8710



Rugs on Carpet

Wunder Rug- WunderRug holds rugs afloat and in place on top of carpet. Special dry adhesive is guaranteed not to transfer. WunderRug is pure white- there is no color to stain. WunderRug is washable.

WunderLock- WunderLock is the premium product used for rugs on carpets, guaranteed to hold any rug on any carpet. Especially ideal for lightweight rugs, dhurries, and high-traffic areas. WunderLock is manufactured with a special "dry" adhesive that is nontransferable. WunderLock is washable, and foil backed for easier installation.