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Levels of Success Program

Mark Kennedy

7 Avenida Vista Grande B-7 #247
Santa Fe, NM 87508
United States



Use Leverage Points To Get The Best Results, Even Faster Than Before
Leverage points are areas in your business where making a small change produces a large result. Understanding these leverage points; where they are, why they exist, and how to use them, is critical to getting your business to work reliably and profitably FOR you.

Get A Deep Understanding Of Your Business And How It Runs
Discover the relationships between different parts of your business. You'll see how to measure the performance of each area, and you'll know how to establish baselines for your business.

I'll help you learn the strategies and the industry best practices that will make a real difference for you, your company, and your family.

Get A New Levels Of Success Module Delivered Each Week
The Levels Of Success Program covers:
• Pricing your work
• Understanding your costs
• The importance of a sales process
• How to make marketing profitable
• Sample employee handbook
• Automated hiring systems
• Pay structures and compensation
• Management strategies
• Sample job descriptions
• and much more